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Act Fair Team is appointed as the official business advisor for Europe, South America, Africa and USA related to the webcam activity. is operated in an open and honest fashion as a club for the benefit of the members. The success of the Site and in turn of its advertisers is dependent on the authenticity of those that advertise on. All members are expected to operate in an open and proper manner.
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By SKL Team 11 Apr, 2017
We would like to make you aware of a couple of facts regarding membership of

1) Anyone who is legally entitled to may open an account on the Site. (Legally entitled means an adult in an area where registering on the Site is not illegal.)

2) Registration is and always will be free. If you are asked to pay something to someone to get registered or verified then this is nothing to do with the Site. It is not required.

3) For new people unsure what is there is this page that gives a basic overview: . After that, there is the Help Centre that contains hundreds of articles offering advice and support.

4) Loaning, buying or selling accounts is strictly prohibited and if it is discovered that your account is involved, it will be closed permanently. Please refrain to pay anything to persons presenting themselves as employees or agents, they are just hustlers trying to rip you off!

5) You, the person being advertised, are solely responsible for the operation of your account. If you choose to delegate control to another person then that is your choice but you will be held responsible for their actions on your account. If you do not trust an agent, studio manager, group manager or other assistant 100%, then do not give them your login details and definitely do not give them any of your ID documents.

6) Use your common sense. If you give your information, documents or pictures to anyone else, they may use them to create other accounts or worse. Thereafter they will be permanently blocked here.

7) You do not need the assistance of anyone to open an account here. Registration and membership are free and there is a Help Centre full of articles about how to do anything or get in touch.

8) Never give out your nickname or password in response to an email or SMS. Administrators will never ask for your password.

9) To prevent unauthorized access to your account NEVER use the same username and password on other websites.
We may sometimes request certain letters of your password for identification purposes. If that is the case, the request will come from a email address and will only ever be in response to a query you have raised.

Read this page carefully :
in particular this paragraph 'Phishing - Calls, Emails, SMS & Skype'

Do not be fooled into giving your login details to fraudsters who claim to be from

Please ensure that your password is different to that which you use on any other site.

As there is a password remind facility, you must ensure that you are the only person who has access to the email address you have registered and that email account password is secure also.

Always use the Logout link when you have finished using the Site. Never just close your browser.
By SKL Team 01 Apr, 2017
Within the Help Centre you will find useful articles that may help you solve your problem or will contain the relevant forms to complete to enable us to assist you.

If your problem is not covered in any of the articles, when you press "Close Window", (from within an article), you will be given the opportunity to complete a form where you can specify your problem.

If the content of your message matches certain article keywords, those articles will be displayed to you, in case they address the issue.

If they don't, then simply click the "Submit Feedback" button that appears underneath and your message will be entered into our system for review.

Contacting the site via the Help Centre will ensure a timely response.

We aim to respond to all Help Centre enquiries within 48 hours. If you do not receive a response, your query will have already been answered within one of the Help Centre articles.

Contrary to popular belief, we do not remove profiles for the fun of it. If your profile/account has been removed or is inaccessible, it will be because you or someone you are connected to has breached the Terms of Use in some way. Common reasons for deactivation are described in other Help Centre articles.
By SKL Team 01 Apr, 2017
Due to the continued abuse of by persons of High-Risk rated countries, all profiles which have been suspended or deactivated will not have the privilege of having their accounts reactivated.

If you have been recently suspended, when your suspension is over you might get a final chance to abide the rules of You are also entitled to perform (or receive) the final transfer of any pending credits left to your closed account. However, this rule doesn't apply to members being permanently suspended!

If you wish to continue to have membership with AdultWork, you will be required to register a new account, however upon doing so you will most definitely be on your last chance to abide by the terms of the site, that you are agreeing to once the account is registered. We cannot stress enough, failing to comply with the terms, will without question result in your membership being terminated.

A warning regarding your previous breach on your former account will be noted on your new registered profile. has a philosophy which is open and honest. We expect all members to follow this and conduct themselves accordantly. If you feel this is beyond you, simply don’t register and refrain from using the site.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
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