If you were required by the site to be under Advisor’s section please be advised that this is a final warning regarding your activity on the website. We require you to accept our terms in order to use the webcam facility. As a monitored model your activity will be monitored by the ACT FAIR TEAM. Email support is provided regarding problems, rules or options on, with answers within 24h and the Advisor fee is of 2% effective from your total revenue. The ACT FAIR TEAM works to ensure all models and studios comply with the Terms of Use. Joining our monitoring system does not help you get around any of the rules or requirements. All other Terms are stated in the form.  In order to join the monitored section, you need to fill in the form clicking the button Online Form.  Upon approval you will receive an email to confirm it.
As so many members from Eastern Europe still seem to be treating as somewhere they can cheat, steal and lie, the following information provides further clarification as to what is and is not expected from all members.  Rules and conditions to which all members consent that they will adhere to upon registration.
If you want to be a member of you must conduct your activities honestly and openly.  Listed below are frequently encountered activities that will result in termination of your membership.  No warnings, no second chances.
You must not:
    •    Use still images in DirectCam
    •    Use pre-recorded video in DirectCam
    •    Have more than one profile per person
    •    Share the same video feed across more than one JustCamIt login
    •    Pretend to offer services (such as Escorting) that you don't
    •    Pretend to be in a different country than you actually are
    •    Pretend to be of a different orientation or sexual preference (e.g. TV/TS than you actually are)
    •    Appear as available for free preview, whilst caming nude on another site or not
    •    Disclose Skype, MSN or Yahoo IDs etc., with a view to "going private" there or "continuing the chat" outside of
    •    Use a different country IP (VPN/Proxy or VPS) to access the site showing your profile in other country than you actually are
    •    Use of forged identification documents or face photos to register
    •    Use other person's ID in order to deceive your identification
    •    Shared login with other members while you're not within a group with them
    •    Use pictures from other websites or that are not of you
    •    Receive tips for nude shows on DirectCam or other platforms
    •    Try to avoid the verification process if mandatory for your nationality (Eastern Europe, Europe, USA)
    •    Swap others over account on DirectCam sessions
    •    Commit any kind of deception be it credit card fraud or identity related
Membership of is not mandatory.  You do not have to register here and we are under no obligation to allow you to. If you wish to become a member you acknowledge that should you engage in deception or fraud of any kind your membership will be terminated and any monies owed forfeited.
The choice is yours.  You have one chance to get registration and verification correct.  If you succeed you then have one chance to conduct your profile in accordance with the terms of use - openly and honestly. Should you chose to cheat, deceive, scam or be untruthful, your membership will be terminated.
We try to be as courteous as possible, so we say "please", "kindly", "refrain" and other such terms.  For members who are being evaluated for membership termination these phrases do not mean something is optional.  "Please upload your ID" means you must upload some ID to continue your membership.
Finally, should you find a weakness, flaw or other loophole in some aspect of the Site or it's operation, do not abuse it.  We will discover it and when found to have been abusing it, your membership will be terminated.
Please understand that the regrettable need for this clarification has only arisen due to the actions of our membership.  Until such time as the balance of conduct swings back, we will be operating a guilty until proven innocent mantra with all members suspected of contravening the Terms of Use.

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